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Hi all
Using the consumer guarantees shown in my previous post I achieved this.

21 Apr 2023, 06:31 GMT+2
Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting in touch with us earlier.

I'm just emailing as per our discussion over the phone.

As we discussed, if the parcel doesn't arrive to you today 21/04/2023, we are more than happy to refund the total cost of the freight you have paid for this order.

If the parcel does arrive today, we will not be able to refund the freight.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.
Regards, Customer Service

My response
Unfortunately my parcel did not arrive on time so I will be expecting to recover my freight costs, on the upside I must commend P_ ____ _ear for being a community conscious company and respecting consumer guarantees without argument.
Your rights: non-delivery
If you pay a business for a product or service, that business must supply you when it said it would. It's illegal for a business to accept payment for products or services they don't intend to supply. If you didn't agree when the business would supply you, the business must ensure delivery within a reasonable time. Businesses must also supply you with the product or service that you agreed to buy, not something different.
As a community conscious company might I suggest you offer 2 alternatives to Auspost and Startrack set an example bring Democracy to your checkout give the consumer a choice.
Mick Helfand